Breaking Benjamin @ Hard Rock Casino 12/30/18

Back at the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City. I really do enjoy going to this casino. It has been booking a lot of good acts. And I really like the arena spaces they have.
So Breaking Benjamin isn’t my normal type of bands I usually go see. But I have free passes and I’ve seen them once before so I thought what the heck. A night out at a concert is always a good deal. They are a bit heavier for me, but I do like some of their songs, especially Failure. And the lead singer is from Atlantic City, New Jersey, so I do have to give him support, being a local and all. The concert was really good, with lots of energy. They seem to like to include their audience. At one point Benjamin Burnley, came down through the crowd, right in front of me. It was kinda cool! And then they invited any little kids onto the stage and had them help sing one of their songs. He seems to really appreciate his fans. That’s what makes a band more respected and enjoyable to go see. When they care about their fans or interact more, rather than just get on stage sing and get off the stage. We as fans will make more of an effort to go see the bands and support them, when we feel they appreciate their fans. Also, I feel bands like this, who are humble and thankful for their fans, will have a long lifespan for their career. Breaking Benjamin in my opinion is a good band and very entertaining. If they ever come around to your area you should check them out. Keep in mind they are a bit heavier than I usually see, but they are still worth seeing. 
Here’s some pictures. Enjoy!

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