Neil Thomas @ Rockaway River Barn 1/10/19

Nice restaurant and bar in Rockaway, New Jersey. They have a big parking lot, which was great! And the food not being too expensive and was pretty good for the price. I would go here, even without seeing a show, if it was closer to where I live. But if you’re in the area check it out for dinner.
I first discovered Neil Thomas at the Kip Winger solo show I went too back in October 2018. He was in a band called White Tiger back in the early 80’s. They didn’t end up making it big, which is a shame, they had all the right ingredients to be the next big thing in the 80’s. But alas it did not work out. Neil has a great, great voice with a bit of a New Orleans twang to it, which I love! It’s just him and his guitar. Great commination for pure raw music. When he does these gigs he does covers from all genres, Beatles, Stones, Van Halen, etc.. He is a very talented artist. I do enjoy his voice, even though he was sick tonight you wouldn’t have noticed. He is a true musician. When he does these type of shows he does 3 long sets, when is about 3 hours of awesome music. If he is ever in your area, you need to check him out!! You will not be disappointed. Not only will you enjoy his shows, you will also enjoy talking to him. He is absolutely a nice guy and he will sit and talk to you about anything. I had the pleasure of him chatting with him before his show. Plus he sat at my table during his breaks between sets. I even helped pack up his equipment and load it. He does have some up coming shows coming up, so please take the time to go see him preform. I promise you, you will enjoy it.
Some pics. Enjoy!

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