Ted Poley Pool House Party 1/5/19

To protect the privacy of Mr. Ted Poley, I can not note where he lives.
Ted Poley is one of the best and amazing singers that came out of the 1980’s. I believe he is way too underrated. His voice is so well structed and he can still belt out the songs just as good as when he was in his 20’s. I could listen to him sing forever! If you haven’t picked up his last album that he put out last year, Modern Art, then you need to go order it now. Go to www.Ted-Poley.com and get your copy. He will even autograph it for you!!
So, working for Ted and being a Poley Princess, (my friend Autumn and I were given the title by Ted himself. And there are only 2 Princesses), I get some good perks. One being invited to his pool house party. This was not a great party, it was an EPIC party of the year party!!  He was also filming the first episode for his Youtube channel show called Poley’s Pool House!! His band mates from his solo band, Steven “Maz”  Mazza and Paulie Del Boccio were there. Along with Greg Smith, from Tyketto, (and like a thousand other bands). Also in attendance was Chuck Berghi, Jack Frost, Neil Thomas, Jean Beauvoir, Mark Weiss and the list goes on!! It was the party of all parties!!! There was food and drinks galore, music playing, musicians jamming and of course a pool. The party went on until like 4:00 am. It truly was the party to attend. I can not wait until the next one!
I had a little too much to drink and didn’t take many pictures, but I do have some, so enjoy.

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