Meet and Greets – Is it worth paying for?

Hey Rockers! I’ve been super busy with shows all last month. I am in the process of writing them up. I will be posting soon. I also have some interviews ready to go.

But I’d like to touch on a subject that is a bit interesting to me. Paying for Meet and Greets. Where do people stand on this issue?

Me personally I love meeting my favorite bands and I have both met them for free and paid for a M&G. I have mixed feelings on this subject. On one hand, I feel that the bands shouldn’t charge the fans. The fans have been dedicated to them and made them famous. They should be thrilled to meet us. But then there is the business side of things. Due to the change in the world and how people share and stream music. The bands don’t make money on selling CD’s anymore. Sometimes it’s an out of pocket expense for them to play their own shows. Knowing that, you can’t blame them for charging us to meet them.

So as a fan who wants to meet all my heroes, I’m torn. I mean I wish they wouldn’t charge, because for me it gets very costly. I need to purchase a ticket, (which for some are very high priced), parking fee, travel expense, food, etc.. Now they are throwing in a cost to meet them too. So of course I have to decide which bands I want to pay for to meet. Now as I said before, I know this is how they make money. Since I understand they need to make money to continue in this business. Here is/are my issues with paid M&Gs:

1. The cost: I don’t mind paying $50 or even $100, $150 is pushing it. But when you start getting into the 100’s or even more crazy 1000’s to meet a band. That’s just insane. I truly don’t believe they should charge that much. If they feel, if the cost was too low that they would be bombarded with too many fans. Then have a cut off number. Only allow “X” amount of M&Gs sold per show. That will control having too many fans buy.

2. The quality time: So you finally decide to take the plunge and shell out the money. You’re all excited to meet the artist. It’s finally your turn, you get rushed in, they take your picture and they push you along. They don’t give you time to talk to the band. You’re not allowed to get anything signed. You get 30 seconds at the most and you’re done. If you are going to ask us to pay, give us our moment with them. I’m not saying each fan get an hour or even a half hour. But give us 5 or 10 minutes. Some fans will only be able to afford one M&G. Let them enjoy it.

3. The fans: Fans are the ones who complain about the cost all the time for the M&Gs. But they shell out the top dollar for an M&G. Now, if the fans only purchased the cheap ones, that would say something to the bands. When you have fans paying hundreds and thousands of dollars to meet them. Of course they are going to continue to charge those amounts. Now if the fans only purchased the lowest cost one, it would send a message to the bands. They will see the higher cost ones not being sold. Bands may stop charging. Or at the very least make it more affordable for the fans.

Now I’m not putting any band down. I’ve paid for my share of M&Gs. The most I’ve paid was $150 to meet Daughtry. Trust me it was a little high for me but I was thrilled to meet them. I just wish I could have gotten to talk to them more. Even though some bands I will never be able to afford the M&Gs, I will continue to support them. I just hope that the bands, that charge, would reconsider and lower the cost. Realizing that their fans are not rich to pay to meet them.

So wherever you stand on this subject, I’d like to hear from you. Please comment and give me your opinion. I’m not asking you to bash any particular band. I’d just like to see what you, the fans, view is. Do you think bands should:

1. charge nothing, (if they didn’t how would they make money to survive and continue in the business).

2. Charge a small fee, (under $100).

3. According to their status in the world charge astronomical prices.

What do you have to say? Lay it on me peeps!

2 thoughts on “Meet and Greets – Is it worth paying for?

  1. We do love our rock and roll, but have never paid for a meet and greet. We have nothing against them, and based on that I think the band should charge whatever the market will bear.

    Good blog post!


  2. I can tell you from behind the scenes as i have run and helped out with many meet and greets,as far as a time limit..most bands either do them before thier set or after their set,it also depends on when the venue lets them do it and how much time the venue allows for it,If done before their set bands also need time to prepare and get their head,costume,makeup and just generally prep for their performance,sometimes time limits also depends on when the band is able to get to the venue from the hotel,airport etc…when done after a set the band is ussally ready to hit the hotel or dressing room or get some sleep for a flight or tour bus ride either that night or next morning,also some fans get very long winded and would not heed to a 10 min time limit hence why alot of times you get shuffled along by someone like me,i could comment for hours on this and i only hit one point lol.


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