Hard Rock Hell – North Wales, England (3/14-16/19)

North Wales, England. I can not believe that I ventured out to England to this festival. I know it seems like I go far for festivals, but this takes the cake!! This was the first time I was flying over seas. I was excited and nervous at the same time.
Our trip began Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 7:30 pm. Our flight was the red eye and we would arrive at 7:00 am on Thursday. Which was perfect because Tyketto was playing that night. So Autumn, Ted Poley, (he was headlining Saturday night), our friend Don Murray and myself boarded the plane. It was gonna be a long flight but we knew that once it was over, the fun was going to begin. This was going to be a trip to remember!!
We landed pretty early in the morning on Thursday morning. We had a driver waiting for us, we were whisked off to the resort that we were staying at and where the festival was being held. Even though I was dead tired I was very excited for the shows to begin. As we arrived to the resort it was pretty nice but in the middle of nowhere. It was near the beach but it was way too cold to go to the beach. After we checked in, got our keys and credentials. They had someone drive us to our cabin it was about 1/2 a mile from the arena. So glad we didn’t have to walk that way with our luggage. Plus its a bit confusing with all the sections. Our cabins were nice, had separate bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and a little dining area. Nice and homey. We got settled in, we were going to nap before the concert, but we were hungry so we decided to head out to eat. There wasn’t much around except Burger King, Papa Johns Pizza and a Fish & Chips place. So when in England you need to eat Fish & Chips!! It’s the thing to do! After some dinner, we headed to the arena to catch some of the bands. I couldn’t wait to see Tyketto tonight!! Was so excited!!
We got there in time to see the former lead singer from Survivor. I was finally going to hear Eye of the Tiger live!! I was so thrilled. He sounded great and his voice sounded just like he did years ago. he put on a great show, which I was glad I got to see. I’m not sure if he tours in America but if he does you should try to catch him.
The last band of the night was the great and amazing Tyketto!! I could not hold back my excitement!! I came in a day early just to see them. So to say I was like a little kid on Christmas morning is an understatement! As they hit the stage they started playing the whole Strength In Numbers album. Some songs they have never played live so it was a bit challenging for them. But they pulled it off and flawlessly I must say. Tyketto is such a strong band, get chemistry on stage and they don’t miss a beat at all. I absolutely love watching them play live. It shows that people really love them overseas. The room was so packed they had to turn people away. After they finished the whole Strength In Numbers album, they started playing their hits plus some rare songs. The set last almost 2 hours which is what I think they deserve to play each and every time. So worth seeing them any time they come around. Can ya tell I love Tyketto? Lol.
It was now midnight when the show was over. We were hoping to hang with the band but they left to go back to their cabins. It was pouring down raining, and super cold. The winds were about 40 mph and I’m not exaggerating. We decided since we hadn’t been to bed and the last time we slept was Wednesday morning. We would grab some food and head back to out cabins. We were able to get a ride from some friends we made at the festival, Dougie and Steve. So we didn’t have to walk 1/2 mile to our cabin in the down pour rain. We got back, hand some more fish & chips with Ted and just relaxed. It was now about 1 am and we were just going to head to our cabin to go to bed. When we got a message that Greg Smith and Chris Green both from Tyketto we’re at the bar and wanted us to hang with them. Well, who needs sleep!! We booked out of Ted’s cabin and made the long walk back. Luckily it stopped raining. However it was still cold. Colder than a witches tit in a metal bra laying face down in the snow! The 3 of us made it to the bar and there was Chris and Greg. We hung out, had some drinks and just talked. It was of course super cool! Finally it was closing time so we all had to leave. We made our long walk back to our cabins. Once back I went arroyo bed, it was now 3:30 am. I was beat!
11 am on Friday morning I was finally getting up. I was moving slow but ready for another day of fun. Unfortunately because of the weather being so bad we decided not to go site-seeing and just stay at the festival. Besides the bad Degreed, they were Ted’s backing Band for Saturday, was coming in so we were going to hang with them. After a little breakfast, cooked up by none other than Ted Poley!! Around 4 pm, Degreed showed up, they did a bit of a sound check in Ted’s cabin. After soundcheck we finally all decided to head over to watch some of the bands that night and have some drinks. Pretty much was another all nighter with just hanging out with the band and chilling. It was a good night to hang inside the rain was pouring down like crazy! The winds were so crazy I thought the cabin was gonna take off and we were gonna end up in oz! Lol.
Saturday morning the last day of the festival was gonna be a special one. Not only was it Ted’s big headlining night but we were going to see Midnight City. If you’ve never heard of them or know their stuff. Well you need to get your hands on their CD’s. It’s like they took a time machine from the 80’s and transported to 2019! They are super amazing!! I can’t tell you how excited and pumped I am to get to see them live. I had goosebumps just thinking about it!
We headed on to the arena a bit early to get to the backstage to watch Midnight City. The place was packed and ready for them to rock their faces off. They hit the stage and from the first song I was totally blown away. They had such energy. The singer, Rob, was so good!! I was smiling from ear to ear that I was watching a band that was up a coming, but the music was just the kind of music I love!! I was jamming and dancing and loving every note! Midnight City is truly a great band! Find their CDs!! You’ll love them, I promise!!
After their set we went over to the merch stand because they were going to come out. And most of the band came out. Got both CDs signed and snapped some pictures. Although, the drummer and lead singer wasn’t around. I decided to walk around and look for Rob, plus I wanted to catch Pretty Boy Floyd. As I was walking back to the arena I ran into Rob from Midnight City! I was beyond thrilled!! He was absolutely so sweet and was so amazed I came from New Jersey to see them. We hung out and talked for a while. I was so thrilled! He even helped me find Josh their guitarist.
After I finally left them, I went in to watch Pretty Boy Floyd. I’ve only seen once or twice before this. I love the song Wild Angels and I Wanna Be With You. They are the best songs they have and they always play them. Pretty Boy Floyd is one of those revolving door bands. The members change all the time. Other than the singer everyone was different from the last time I saw them. But they still rocked hard and it was a great show. I was totally happy I got to see them.
Once Pretty Boy Floyd was over, they set up the stage for Ted and Degreed. Now this was going to be an event to remember!! They were going to playa bunch of songs from Ted’s Modern Art album he had recorded with them. None of these songs have been played live before. This was going to be the performance of the year. And I’m so glad that I came out to Hard Rock Hell to witness it!! Can’t even begin to explain my excitement. As they took the stage the crowd went crazy! Both Ted and Degreed are very popular here. They jumped right into the set and from the first note I knew it was going to be a great show. The songs were preformed flawlessly. They played songs from Ted’s Modern Art album, which this is the first and only time they’ve been played live. It was so amazing to hear those songs live! I was beyond thrilled. They also played some Danger Danger songs together. When they sang Monkey Business, Midnight City came up to sing with them. They were like little kids getting to sing with one of their favorite singers. I was able to go into the photographer pit to record that song. It was a special performance to witness. It truly was awesome!! So, glad I got to see it. As the show went on Ted was amazing and Degreed were great!! They even sang one of their songs. It was a show I was so glad I got to experience. Loved every minute of it! It was so worth the whole trip to come out there.
As the show finally ended around midnight and we headed back to our cabins. We decided the best thing was to just stay up because we had to at the airport at 6:00 am. We packed our stuff and just hung out having some more drinks, until our driver picked us up 5:30. It was going to be a long time before any of us were going to get any sleep. But it was all worth it!!
Please enjoy the photos.


















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