Chris Green (Guitarist for Tyketto)

There are many talented guitarist out there in the rock world. You have your Richie Sambora’s and Brain May’s who are so well known. And then there are some that are underrated and don’t get the validation they should. One guitarist in particular, who I think is extremely talented, is the great Chris Green all the way from London, England. He is currently the lead guitarist for the band Tyketto. But he was also a member of Spacewolf, Rubicon Cross, and Freelance Shredder. And performed in Wizards of Winter in 2018. It is absolutely memorizing to watch him play. I could watch him play guitar for hours. He is a driving force and a master at his trade. I was lucky enough to get a copy of his 5 song EP he put out, called UNVEIL. It’s all instrumental and the guitar work on it is superb!! If you love great rock riffs, you should look into ordering one of his CDs. On a personal level, I’ve hung out with him a few times, at a few shows. He is absolutely a genuinely nice guy and very interesting to speak too, (not just because of his accent lol). And for all you ladies out there, he is amazing to look at and has the best hair flips!! pastedGraphic.png

So without any further ado, I give you my interview with the amazing Chris Green! Enjoy!

RF: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. I’m so happy to highlight someone who is so talented and very humble as you..

CG: Hey, thanks very much for having me here.

RF: Can you tell my readers a little about yourself? Where are you from, family, first job you had, etc.…

CG: I was born in West London, UK, my parents then moved us south towards the beachside city called Brighton. I then lived in that area most my life until I moved to America in 2010. Family is very important to me, I have a sister who’s 3 years older than me called Penny, she’s an amazing hairdresser and has her own salon called ‘Sassy’ in Seaford, East Sussex. That’s the only place I get my hair done when I get back there. My mum still lives in Sussex and my father unfortunately died in 2011, he was my best friend. My 1st job was working in a newsagent (newspaper/convenience store), I was 13, been working ever since.

RF: What was your first concert experience? And was that the turning point of you wanting to be a performer?

CG: That’s easy, Monster of Rock at Castle Doninghton in 1990. Thunder, Quireboys, Poison, Aerosmith, Whitesnake. Absolutely changed my life and drove me to be a musician.

RF: Do you have a favorite type of music? Favorite band?

CG: Yep, I love Prog Rock and Queensryche is hands down my favorite band of all time, followed by Mastodon……..and Tool……..and Opeth hahhaa

RF: Can you name a band, past or present, that you would love to be a member of and why?

CG: Mastodon, it’s heavy, proggy, awesome, and they live in my city Atlanta 🙂

RF: I’m sure the greatest moment of your life is the birth of your beautiful son. But career wise, what has been that shining moment for you that you will never forget?

CG: I played guitar in Firehouse in 2008, we played a stadium with White Lion in from of 43,000 people. CJ Snare (singer of Firehouse and godfather to my son), said “watch this”, he hushed the audience, walked over to me and said “That’s what it’s like to have 43,000 people in the palm of your hand”, it was surreal.

RF: You are an amazing guitarist. It seems you put your heart and soul into every show. What drives you every time you get on stage?

CG: Money….lol. Just kidding, there’s far less money in this game than people think. I jut like being on stage, there’s a feeling of pure joy I get that I just can’t explain. When I see a look on a fans face of pure happiness while I’m playing, nothing else in the world matters.

RF: Tyketto and bands like them, get very little to no air play on mainstream radio. To me it’s very disheartening, because I find the bands are so talented. What motivates you to continue making new music knowing it may not get heard?

CG: Basically having an absolutely amazing fan base. Tyketto is extremely fortunate to have such loyal fans, and I almost feel I’d be doing them an injustice by not carrying on getting out there and doing what I do on stage. Writing, recording, I mean that stuff is ok, but playing live is where I truly feel I belong.

RF: You’re next 2 big shows coming up are Hard Rock Hell in North Wales and Rocklanta. I’m sure you are most excited for them both. Any other US dates coming up this year?

CG: Nothing in concrete, weirdly enough Tyketto has a much smaller fan base in America thank Europe. We definitely have a growing fan base here in the States, and I really hope that continues, but it’s always a number game. What we really need is a great support tour here in the States with a bigger band….like ….Guns n Roses or Aerosmith hahahahaha. One can dream.

RF: Any projects you’re working on that you can tell us about or are they top secret?

CG: Hmmmmmm, I’m the worst for agreeing to stuff and then realizing I’m too busy to do it. I DO want to get another instrumental album done, but there ‘maybe’ something in the works to do that with other players like ‘Cacophony style’. We’ll see.

Thanks again for all the support, see you all on the road. 🙂

I’d like to thank the amazing Chris Green for taking the time to do this interview. You can catch him on the road with Tyketto. And if you get a chance check out his Facebook and Instagram: Chrisgreenguitarist. And pick up his solo CD UNVEIL. You will love his guitar work.