Chris Taylor (Bassist for Kickin’ Valentina)

Playing every nook and cranny to get noticed, is what new bands have to do. It’s hard to imagine that the bands we all go to see, were once just starting out. Which brings me to some bands that I have seen that are trying to do just that. Another of my favorite new, up and coming band, is a band called Kickin’ Valentina. Kickin’ is loud and proud, pure rock and roll based in Georgia. They were formed in 2013. They have 2 CDs out now and are working on their 3. 

I’ve gotten to catch a few shows here and there including MORC 2018 and Rocklanta. To me they are heavier than most of the bands I listen too. I think of them more on the levels of Motley Crue. They certainly know how to bring it when they are on stage. I’ve also gotten to know the band members and hung out with them at some BLE events. They are extremely friendly, funny and so down to earth. So without any further ado, I give you my interview with the very rocking Chris Taylor Enjoy!

Rocker Fabbs: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. I’m so happy to highlight up and coming bands.

Chris Taylor: Thank you.

RF: Can you tell my readers a little about yourself? How the band started? How you came up with the name? etc.…

CT:  Um, I play bass and I like rock n roll.  Haha   Jimmy and Heber originally formed the band.  Heber used to own a pet store that Jimmy would buy pet food from.  Over time they realized they were both into the same type of music, and started talking about playing together.  They found our original singer Joe through Craigslist, and I had known Jimmy from around town.  He sent me an email one day telling me he had a full band, and they just needed a bass player, and wanted to know if I’d be interested.  I remember he sent me a demo of the song “Dirty Girl” for me to audition with.  Almost 6 years later, here we are. 

Jimmy and Heber came up with the name, and it’s based on a fetish pornstar named Valentina.  In the beginning it was kind of a joke, but people seemed to like it, so the name stuck.

RF: What was your first concert experience? And was that the turning point of you wanting to be a performer?

 CT:  My first concert was the Day on the Green festival in Oakland CA with Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Poison, and Jetboy.  I have been a music fan since I was a little kid, and had a fascination with bands and guitars since I was really young.  I remember walking away from that concert thinking “this is what I wanna do.”  Everything about it was cool, and I was determined to buy a guitar and join a band.  

RF: Do you have a favorite type of music? Favorite band? Who influenced you to pick up the guitar?

 CT:  I like different things, but my favorite are the glam, punk influenced, sleaze rock bands.  I also love a lot of the old thrash metal bands.  Going to middle and high school a few hours from the Bay area in CA, that scene was huge. 

There are so many bands I love for various reasons…. GnR, DGeneration, Ramones, Warrior Soul, Crue… 

Initially going to the Day on the Green fest inspired me to actually start playing. 

 RF: Can you name a band, past or present, that you would love to be a member of and why?

 CT:  Past, probably Marilyn Manson during their 1st 3 records.  They were so badass back then.  It was a hybrid of everything I love…glam, rock, shock rock, metal, punk and industrial…..  It was so over the top and I loved it.  Present, maybe something like Turbonegro or Hardcore Superstar. 

RF: What has been that shining moment for you, career wise, that you will never forget?

 CT:  I have actually been fortunate enough in my life that I’ve gotten to open for, tour, and work with bands that influenced me early on….with KV and previous bands.  Out of everything, the one thing that makes me the happiest is being on stage and hearing the crowd sing our songs back to us.  No better feeling. 

RF: You are an amazing bassist. It seems you put your heart and soul into every show. What drives you every time you get on stage?

 CT:  It’s what I do and love.  That may sound vague, but I’ve done this almost my whole life.  Either love it, or don’t do it.  

RF: The type of music you create, gets very little to no air play on mainstream radio. To me it’s very disheartening, because I find that this type of music to be so good. What motivates you to continue making new music knowing it may not get heard?

 CT:  The music business is generally in a shit place right now, and has been for a while.  There are so many good bands out there, and you will never hear them on the radio.  This scene has gone back underground.  In some ways I think it’s good that it has.  Bands are able to do what they want without the filter of a major label watering them down for the masses.  The bad part of that is you really have to work hard to break through the clutter to get your music to fans.  What motivates me is the fact that I love what I do.   

 RF: Do you have a big tour coming up?  What is the biggest show you have booked?

 CT:  We have 2 short tours booked in Europe for May and July.  Biggest shows will be the Bang Your Head fest in Germany, and the Call of the Wild fest in the UK.

 RF: I loved your last album. Who mainly writes the music and lyrics?  Can we expect any new music from you anytime soon?

CT:  Thank you.  Musically, it varies… me or Heber will come in with an idea and we’ll work it out as a band, and sometimes things come from just jamming.  Lyrically, Joe wrote the majority of the 1st 2 records with a couple of exceptions. 

Yes, we are currently writing a new album now, and hoping to go into the studio sometime this summer.

RF: anything else you’d like to share?

CT:  Thank you for doing the interview with me, and a huge thank you to all of our fans out there.  Be on the lookout for new music, and go to our website at to get current tour dates.

I’d like to thank Chris for taking time to talk with me. If you ever see that they are playing in your town. Go check them out.  You will have a Kickin time at their shows! Also order a copy of their CDs.