The Players

Everyone has to have that group of friends that they share the same interest. The same passion. Things they can enjoy together or talk about. Well I have that group of peeps. I have to admit I have a great bunch of friends that I hang out with a pretty much every show. I actually have a ton of great people that I run into at shows. They are awesome and amazing people that I truly love so much. But the ones I’m highlighting here are the ones that I plan and go to shows all the time with me. So when you read and I say “we” or I name names. These are the faces of those people!

I would like to introduce my posse. If you see them say Hi!

Betty Dilks (aka the crazy one)
Autumn Phan (aka the other Poley Princess; Phangirl)
Shannon McQueen (aka Lightening McQueen; Southen Biscuit)
David Hempler (aka Smoothie; Hempy)
Joe Mazz (aka that dude)